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VA Benefits

Applying for VA Benefits Aid and Attendance Pension Pension (aid and attendance benefit) and its sister benefit, Compensation, are two disability income programs available to veterans. Compensation is the more heavily used benefit and is available to veterans who have service-connected disabilities. VA estimates about 35% of all currently discharging veterans will apply for Compensation [...]

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Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits for Professional Home Care Services Medical expenses for home care aides are allowed prospectively for annualization if those expenses are reasonably predictable. The evidence would also have to show that the need for care is ongoing and regular. Expenses may be allowed whether the care recipient has a rating for aid and attendance or [...]

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Long Term Care

The Special Case of Long Term Care Medical Costs A special provision for calculating Pension income, allows household income to be reduced by 12 months worth of future, recurring medical expenses. Normally, income is only reduced by medical expenses incurred in the immediate months prior to application. These allowable, annualized medical expenses are such things [...]

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Aid and Attendance

What is the Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit? “Aid and attendance” is a commonly used term for a little-known veterans’ disability income. The official title of this benefit is “Pension.” The reason for using “aid and attendance” to refer to Pension is that many veterans or their single surviving spouses can become eligible if [...]

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