Britt Burkhart

Britt is a Registered Financial Consultant.

BrittBurkhartAboutBritt Moved from Alaska with his family in 1987 to the Seattle area, where he has practice financial and estate planning. He and his wife Le live in Auburn, Washington. They have four adult children who live nearby.

Britt has 18 years of extensive training and experience in financial and estate planning.

Britt has worked in the field of Estate Planning since 1992 and has been instrumental in the establishment of wills, trusts, and associated application of tax planning for all of his clients. Reducing taxes on Social Security Income, IRA Minimum Distribution, and Capital Gains on real estate and investments has become his area of expertise. The charitable spectrum of estate planning can provide for a tax deduction while taking into consideration the clients wishes for their heirs and beneficiaries.

The primary focus for Britt is to educate the senior public on how to effectively transfer assets and reduce their taxes. A main objective is to accomplish the goals of the client, for the benefit of the beneficiaries, while making sure the client’s wishes are met. In collaboration with accountants, attorneys and other financial planning specialists, Britt focuses on implementing the proper documentation that will reduce the management hassles of the estate. These documents are designed to make the client safe and secure with the educated decision the client has made for the benefit of their heirs/beneficiaries.

Britt is a member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

Britt Burkhart is an independent insurance agent who also specializes in helping veterans, members of veteran’s family, or the surviving spouse of a veteran understand how to obtain long term care benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.